Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Matilda is the BEST!They have a list of GREAT songs and amazing characters the actors are INCREDIBLE and you will love the 2 hour long show! I am definitely recommending this. The Y6 trip to London at the end of the year always has a performance and this time it is Matilda. So I get to see it again!!

This is the best. Book your tickets NOW!

Random stuff.


At school we are doing a science investigation about how long it takes for a paper parachute to hit the ground. In Maths we are doing coordinates. In English we are doing Persuasive Writing. In History we are doing WWII posters. In Welsh we are doing Sports. In R.E we are doing the Natural World.


We are slowly moving house and will be probably moving in next week. I do not know what to write. 



Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Hello and My school trip.

HAPPY HALF TERM. That is if you are British.  We are slowly moving house and today we painted a wall of our bedroom. HAPPY PANCAKE DAY.  I went on a REALLY fun school trip. We are studying WWII so we went to a museum and saw some artifacts. We did some role play and learnt about the Blitz. I had to dress as an evacuee and brought food that would have been available in my pack lunch. Talk later.