Thursday, 20 September 2012


Well on the 26th of August of Granny and Grandpa came to see us before the went to Africa on Holiday. We decided to go to Hay On Why on that day because it was going to be my birthday treat but because Daddy was working on my birthday so we went then.  So we got in a car and drove to Hay-on-Wye. We got there at about lunchtime so we went and had lunch at a place called Shepherds. I had a mozzarella and some rocket in a pita. Then we went to Richard Booths book shop which is huge and my favourite. We got a million books there. So many they did not charge us for the cloth bags! Then we went and got another 10 books in another place. We went and had a ice cream from shepherds. My flavour was mint just like Lottie!

I had a great day because I absolutely LOVE books!

More coming soon


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