Tuesday, 9 October 2012

More On the Colorado River

Here is some more on the Colorado River:

The headwaters of the Colorado River begin at La Padre Pass Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. The elevation of this lake is approximately 9,000 feet (2,750 m). This is a significant point in the geography of the United States because it is where the Continental Divide meets the Colorado River drainage basin.

At La Padre Pass Lake the beginning of a big river starts.

Here is a poem about this river at its start.

I see a little stream run out this lake,
I follow it,
Slowly it gets bigger and bigger
It goes down slopes and through many places
But I never knew that this stream was a river,
A river that is one of the most famous in the USA
But when I found out I followed it
All the way to the Ocean.

This river is famous for many reasons but when you go to La Padre Pass Lake you see the beginning of a huge and famous river. The Colorado begins it's flow south westward toward the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean. By the time the river enters the Grand Canyon, at Lee's Ferry, its altitude has fallen to 3,110 feet, dropping over one mile since its beginning. The river will drop another 2,200 feet before it reaches the other end of the Grand Canyon, the Grand Wash Cliffs, 277 miles away.

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