Sunday, 21 October 2012

Where We now live

 We are now living in a house instead of staying with friends. I have got my own room with a double bed,desk,bedside table, and a cupboard. It is a nice house and we have to look after about 8 sheep,and two chickens. It is not bad considering we were staying with 50 something chickens, 20 alpaca, a turkey, a dog, and two cats! It was fun but tiring staying where we were staying and I am glad we now are living somewhere else. Yesterday we went and saw our second cousins. We had lunch and then we all played sardines. Then me and the older two cousins played Cludo. We also printed out some pictures for my river project. We had a great weekend and today we are going to clean and go to Waitrose. We are also going to speak to our friends in San Francisco.


  1. Well thanks Millie , I'm sorry we were so tiring !

  2. Suzanne, I'm just waiting for the landlords to read Lottie's blog about all the dead flies..... Tact is not my girls' strong point it appears.

  3. I can see that mama. And Suzanne it was not TOO tiring! :)